Loving this series!

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi

My Initial Reaction... 
I was so relieved that Unravel Me didn't go down the path I worried it would after finishing Shatter Me. Overall I'm loving this series, though Juliette is driving me a bit crazy!

Note:Some minor series spoilers. 

The Narration... 
I think Kate Simses is a perfect narrator for this series. As I already said in my review for Shatter Me, there's a poetic sound to Unravel Me that I feel needs to be read aloud and read aloud well. Kate Simses nails it for me. 

The Characters... 
I've had a real reversal in how I feel about Juliette with Unravel Me. In Shatter Me I loved her. But she's just so wishy-washy, "poor me" in Unravel Me that I got tired of her. I understand she's had a hard life, but she's surrounded now by people who've also had a hard life, who also have had to deal with these disturbing differences about themselves and all she can think about is how bad her situation is! 

And the relationship between her and Adam is so frustrating. She let's it consume her - and I get that it's different than just a first teenage relationship... this is the first person who's ever been able to even TOUCH her. But come on girl, don't let that cloud your ability to think for yourself and make decisions. Surprisingly, Adam grew on my with Unravel Me. I think because he's having to face some pretty rough realizations and I think he's dealing better than Juliette. But he's still not my favorite. 

My favorite is tied - for two entirely different reasons and roles - between Warner and Kenji. Kenji is the friend that Juliette really needs. The person who cares for her but doesn't want to BE With her. I feel like she really needed a non-romantic relationship like this. Because not only does Kenji show her she can have friends, but like a true friend - HE TELLS HER HOW IT IS. I can't tell you how much I liked his willingness to tell her off. And I really want to know him better. I loved hearing about him as a kid through Castle's eyes. 

And then there's Warner. God, he's still such a mess. And still playing the role of villain in a lot of ways. And yet I adore him. I think him and Juliette are perfect for each other because they've both been told their whole lives they are monsters. Juliette because of what she can't help but do. Warner because that's who he thinks he has to be. Both are trying to tell the other they can be so much more. Both are right. And both are stubbornly not hearing the other. Can't wait to see where that goes. 

The Story... 
I had been super worried that Unravel Me would go all X-Men after the first book. I'm so glad it didn't - I like X-Men but I wanted this to be more unique. And it is.

The basic story line for Unravel Me revolves around the resistance group at Omega Point that Juliette and Adam joined at the end of Shatter Me. They are training, learning more about themselves and preparing to fight the Reestablishment. Things aren't quite as perfect as they might have seemed at first glance, not to mention Warner's diligently seeking them out. I loved every twist Tahreh Mafi threw into Unravel Me - there's lots of unexpected challenges and lots of personal development. I'm actually torn a bit about the Resistance now - nothing is black and white, which I love. We got some SERIOUS, kick-butt action in Unravel Me, complete with superpowers galore! A really great balance between the conflict with the Reestablishment and the internal conflicts. 

Also - as a note, I seriously recommend reading the novellaDestroy Me before reading Unravel Me. The two overlap for the first bit of Unravel Me and it really changes your perception of the events in a great, exciting way.

Concluding Sentiments... 
I'm thrilled I found this series and am really invested in the characters and can't wait to see where it goes. Unravel Me ended on a bit of cliff hanger (not a bad one) so I'm thankful that the next book is out already!

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