Not at all disappointed

One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost

My Initial Reaction…

I absolutely loved Halfway to the Grave, but based on how it ended I was really worried how I’d feel about One Foot in the Grave. I was not disappointed.


The Characters…

One thing I had really loved about Halfway to the Grave was Cat’s development as a character and- thank goodness! –  that really continues in One Foot in the Grave. Book 1 left off with Cat being roped into working for a government agency; this book picks up four years later and Cat has gone from kick-ass chick who doesn’t exactly know what she’s doing, to an independent woman, leading an entire special force for the government, knowing exactly what she’s doing and yes, she still kicks ass! Everything Bones taught her has made her not just a skilled fighter, but has been put to good use making a successful and loyal team.


Can I just say that I ADORE her team? When I started this book I was pretty angry about everything Cat had done (What was she thinking? Bones could handle himself and her mother was not worth the trouble IMHO) and when I realized that it had been FOUR YEARS since she left Bones I was book-hurling angry. How could she just give up like that? And why the HELL hadn’t Bones found her and knocked some sense into her? So yes, I was predisposed to not like these guys. They were what stood between her and Bones. But then I got to know them. Tate, Juan and Cooper are the guys Cat has chosen and trained to be her elite team and they’re so fiercely loyal to her that they’re kind of impossible to not love. Frost did a really good job making them complex, complete with their own baggage and reasons for being part of the team. However, I do have to say, the one element I find really irritating in One Foot in the Grave is caught up with these guys. Why is it that every single man Cat knows has to basically have a hard on for her? I get it. She’s tough. She’s beautiful. She’s unattainable. But come on, does loyalty have to equal obsession? It get on my nerves a little, but not enough to not love the book.


I just have to add that if you love Bones in Halfway to the Grave, you’re going to ADORE him in One Foot in the Grave. We hadn’t seen even a fraction of this vamps’ abilities yet and seeing him in action was really jaw dropping at times. Of course, Cat and Bones even NEAR each other signals some really great fantastic superb, okay you get the point, sex. What makes this sex so particularly great is the buildup. Miss Frost makes you work for it! The wait is excruciating – I mean it’s been 4 YEARS and you expect me to wait?!? – but it provides some of the best sexual tension I’ve read. This isn’t an erotica, but those faint of heart should beware of chapter 32. The rest of us will just look forward to it and blush just a little. Obviously, it’s not for the young crowd.


The Story…

So, yes, the romance gets a wee-bit hot and heavy. But this is still Urban Fantasy at  it’s finest, not a paranormal romance. And what makes it that way is the great plot and fantastic action. There really isn’t a dull moment in One Foot in the Grave. Cat’s the target of an assassin and she’s not going down without a fight. Added to that, Cat’s continuing to work on the mystery of her father. Both aspects meld together into a couple great mysteries and one great plot. Seeing her in command of her forces, prepping them for her plan (because she comes up with a pretty great plan) and setting her operation in motion was pretty fantastic in itself.


The other element is Cat’s love life – as already clearly alluded to above. Cat has really matured and grown over the four years, but it’s not terribly surprising to see that she’s also alone. She has a friend, but romance is pretty much non-existent. Leaving Bones behind broke a piece of her and he hasn’t disappeared from her mind or heart. Cat’s internal struggle is a nice balance for the action, especially as she begins trying to enter the romantic world. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Night Huntress book if we didn’t get some times with Cat and Bones, so it’s really no surprise that before too long, Bones is reintroduced. It’s not simple though – Cat faked his death to protect him and as much as they still long for each other, there’s some hurdles to get over if they’re actually going to be together.


Concluding Sentiments…

I can’t believe I’ve let this series sit for so long after reading Halfway to the Grave. I’m an Urban Fantasy junkie, and this is IT. Oh and the last 15%? Be prepared to just cancel any plans after that point, you won’t want to put it down. I sure couldn’t! Definitely recommend to the few out there who haven’t started this series.


*This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.*