Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson Series #7)

Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs For more reviews, see: Fantasy is More Fun I really enjoyed this book and, were it not for my high expectations because of reading the other books in this series, I would probably have given it 4 starts. Unfortunately this book is missing the tension that has made the others so good - everything feels to easy from fighting the bad guys to the relationship between Mercy and Adam. Their marital bliss has erased all sexual tension that used to light the earlier books. All that being said - there is some really exciting action and Mercy is learning more about herself and her pack bonds. I also really liked the way this book finally starts to overlap with the Alpha and Omega series (also by Patricia Briggs and in the same world) in fun and interesting ways. Even better - while this book is a bit disappointing, I do think it is potentially building towards some really great action in upcoming Mercy and Omega books! So I'd recommend it in hopes that the series will be going in really exciting directions in upcoming books.