White Witch, Black Curse (The Hollows, Book 7)

White Witch, Black Curse - Kim Harrison For more reviews, see: Fantasy is More Fun Kim Harrison's managed to pull me even further into Rachel Morgan's world with this book, if that's even possible. This book incorporates characters and story lines you may have thought were just little side adventures in her short stories, so if you haven't read them, I'd recommend pausing to quickly read the shorts. Their additions make the twists and turns all the more exciting. The character development in this novel is extensive and exciting to read. Rachel is coming into her own, Ivy is learning to accept herself, and Jenks is amazing as always. We finally learn what happened to Kisten (something that's been hanging on for a while) and we're left with even more questions about Rachel's path with Al and his new familiar. Can't wait to get started on the next one!