Pale Demon (The Hollows, Book 9)

Pale Demon - Kim Harrison For more reviews, see: Fantasy is More Fun WOW!!! I just blasted through this book - easily the best book in the series thus far. Yes, I have to admit that my love of the book probably had a lot to do with Trent - he's not just in it for brief appearances like the other books, he is right in the center! But It's not just Trent - it's Jenks, Ivy, Pierce, Al, Bis, Newt... Everyone is coming out of their comfort zones, growing and changing. The revelations about most my favorite characters just kept coming in this book - Harrison is finally letting us get answers, though she leaves us with just as many NEW questions! The story centers on the road trip we've all had to take (well minus the demons, vampires, elves, pixies, and witches). You know, that road trip that starts of wrong and just keeps getting worse? You fight with everyone, you have touching heartfelt moments, you sing, you sleep only to wake discombobulated, grumpy and hungry? Well - it's that road trip. The touching moments are great, intermixed with humor and excitement. Overall the book is a page turner - even the supposed dips/transition moments in the plot kept you moving along, obviously building toward something. There's so much to say about this book - but to avoid giving away the amazing surprises along the way, I'll just conclude by saying: The book is incredible and sure to remain a favorite in the series, regardless of where Harrison goes from here!