A Perfect Blood (Rachel Morgan Series #10)

A Perfect Blood - Kim Harrison For more reviews, see: Fantasy is More Fun The tenth book in The Hollows series is yet another thrilling page turner. Unfortunately I found Rachel really frustrating for a good portion of the book for two main reasons:1.She has reverted from the acceptance she found in the previous book to self-denial in this one. She admits to herself she is a demon all the while trying to avoid what that means. 2.She has blinders on - big time! Her thoughts about ALL the men in her life are so complicated and you want to jump into the book and just shake her. Frustration aside, the book was fantastic. The character development, particularly for the characters that aren't Rachel, is incredible. Trent has become an entirely different person, I can hardly even recognize him. A definite plus in this book. And the rest of the gang are trying desperately to keep Rachel safe, even against her own will and stupidity (which, as I've mentioned is on an all-time high in this book). Definitely not my favorite book in in the series, but still worth reading. I suspect it is a transitional book - meaning the next one should be incredible! It has everything I expect from Harrison: humor, action, mystery, and frustration with Rachel. Can't wait to start Ever After!