Ever After (Rachel Morgan Series #11)

Ever After - Kim Harrison For more reviews, see: Fantasy is More Fun What an incredible read! Whatever novel in the series was your favorite before get ready to replace it with Ever After, easily the best in the series. The book will excite you, shock you, break your heart, and then do it all over again. And again. From the very first chapter, its clear that the events of the last couple books have had their impact on Rachel. No longer does Trent show up in the book for a scene or two only to disappear for the rest of the book. Now Trent is someone she's learning to trust and call a friend; it's heartwarming to see how she fits into his new life as a father. Several scenes bring us into the Kalamack home, made complete with Ceri, Quen, Lucy, and Ray... and even the fairies Rachel sent to spy once upon a time. The primary action/drama of this book centers on Ku'Sox reeking havoc on Rachel's life. He steals several Rosewood babies, who Rachel feels responsible for since it's her survival that has revealed their potential as demons. He also has alerted the demons to the line that she and Bis created in Pale Demon (by accident of course) and how that line has sped up the destruction of the Ever After. Needless to say they aren't happy about it and she's on a deadline to fix it or else. Around these two central problems the book unfolds, simultaneously devastating and glorious. It's a virtually non-stop roller coaster, slowing down just long enough to let you catch your breath before climbing yet another peak. The only disappointment is reaching the end, knowing that not only do you have to wait for the next book, but that there are only two left. If Ever After is any indication, though, those books are going to be incredible. A definite must read.