My Soul to Lose (Soul Screamers, #0.5)

My Soul to Lose - Rachel Vincent For more reviews, see: Fantasy is More Fun I wish I had read this book before book one in the series, but I didn't realize that the prequel existed (and for free on Audible!). Despite knowing the majority of the plot points for the novella because of having read My Soul to Take, I really enjoyed this short. As a prequel to the series, this novella does a great job introducing you to Kaylee. After a humiliating mall melt-down of epic proportions, Kaylee ends up in a psychiatric ward. She wants out, but to leave she has to prove her sanity to her doctors, her aunt and uncle, and most importantly herself. I found watching her coping with the possibility that she was crazy very funny - Kaylee is witty and has a fun, sometimes ironic sense of humor that comes through really strong in this prequel. This novella also introduces us to some other key characters of the series, though we only get minor glimpses of them; this is more about letting us know Kaylee. But I appreciated this early glance at her best friend Emma, not to mention her obnoxious cousin Sophie and her aunt and uncle, who serve as her interim parents. As always, Amanda Ronconi brings the characters in My Soul to Lose alive. I never fail to be impressed by her wonderful narration and her ability to impress so many different personalities into your mind just through the variations in her reading. The pace is perfect and with Ronconi binging the sarcastic humor of Kaylee to life, your sure to find yourself laughing through this prequel to the Soul Screamers Series.