My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers Series #2)

My Soul to Save - Rachel Vincent For more reviews, see: Fantasy is More Fun My Initial Reaction...What a fun read! This series is gradually getting better and better; it's definitely worth sticking with past the first book. The Narration...Once again Amanda Ronconi hits it out of the park. She brings each and every character to life, with a distinct personality that perfectly matches their written descriptions. I especially like the way Ronconi's style so beautifully embodies Kaylee's vivacious personality. The Characters... Kaylee is continuing to learn more about what it means to be a female banshee and her relationship with Nash is growing deeper and more complex. Add to that the complications of her new-found relationship with her father and Kaylee's becoming a very complex individual. What I love best about her though is her constant conviction to do what her conscious dictates. She's insistent on putting her "gift" to good use, even if she has to fudge the lines of right and wrong a bit to do it. And unlike some young adult heroines, Kaylee is not a whiney teenager. She's remarkable grown up and responsible, most of the time. And she has a heart of gold. Nash is a well-written character, but in my opinion, also a weak one. He's supportive of Kaylee, but so far she's much stronger than him. She's running the show and he's along for the ride, whether he thinks it's a good idea or not. He's sweet, but I wish he showed some of the strength that Kaylee does. The character we get to know best in this book is Nash's brother, Todd. He's a complex character, trying to straddle the line between life and death; his responsibilities as a reaper have taught him to view life differently, yet he still has ties to the living. Like his brother Nash, he's fiercely loyal, and like Kaylee, he's willing to fudge a few lines to what he feels is right. It's no wonder that these three get into so much trouble! The Story...In this book we pick up with Nash and Kaylee at a concert that Todd has gotten them into; the opening act is an ex-girlfriend of his (not that she knows that Todd is alive) and he's clearly excited to see her. But while they're backstage watching, the pop-star drops dead... and Kaylee feels no need to scream. First she thinks that the girl has just passed out, but then Nash informs her that he's here to watch a "special" reaping. He's in awe, until he realizes that same special reaper will be coming for his ex, Addison, in just a few days time. Kaylee's learned she can't stop death, but when she learns the stakes are higher - Addison's very soul is at stake - she follows her conscience and her heart to do all she can to save the young pop star. Their journey to save Addison is an exciting one. We learn more about Kaylee's abilities and the supernatural world that she is part of. They embark on dangerous adventurous, crossing lines we've only seen glimpses of so far. I found their experiences thrilling and more than once I was anxious about what would happen to several of the characters. Much more exciting and less exciting than the last book. Concluding Sentiments... A very fun, engaging read! Vincent managed to throw in some surprises that made the book all the more unexpected and left me eager to read the next one. This series is quickly becoming one of my favorites!