My Soul to Keep (Soul Screamers Series #3)

My Soul to Keep - Rachel Vincent For more reviews, see: Fantasy is More Fun My Initial Reaction...This series keeps getting better and better! I've grow to love Kaylee and her unfortunate knack for always ending up right in the middle of every disaster. The Narration... I'm going to sound like a broken record on this one - but Amanda Ronconi is just an amazing narrator. I've never been disappointed in her ability to bring each and every character to life with their own unique personalities and this book is no exception. She captures Kaylee perfectly and I think she does a much better job than most female narrators at portraying male voices. The Characters... Kaylee continues to grow by leaps and bounds in book 3 of the Soul Screamers series. It's almost impossible to believe that a few short weeks have passed since she discovered she was a banshee! She has accepted who she is so easily and has basically appointed herself as the protector of all those ignorant to the supernatural forces that surround her. She is extremely innocent, but that's to be expected from a young adult character. Thankfully she doesn't seem to suffer from the all to typical teenage angst that tends to come with that innocence. I'm enjoying seeing her interactions with her father as they try to make up for 13 years spent apart, alongside understanding her feelings for her boyfriend Nash. Oh Nash. He's changed quite a lot in this book too, and not for the better. To me this just reinforces the skill with which Vincent wrote his character; we've already seen him to be a weak character that follows Kaylee's lead, but doesn't seem to have much direction of his own, and in this book that feeling continues to be reinforced. I have a soft spot for him, but he's definitely a work in progress. And then there's Todd. We don't see as much of Todd in this book as we did the last one, but we do continue to see his softer side. He's hurting from what happened with Addison, and his response to her loss is endearing. But we also see the continued willingness to do whatever it takes to care for those he loves, regardless of the lines it means he might be crossing.The Story...In My Soul to Keep Kaylee has finally recovered from her injuries after running around in the Netherworld in book 2 and is ready to get into a fresh batch of trouble. Of course she doesn't going looking for it, but she does seem to be a magnet for it. When her car is hit at a party by one of Nash's friends from the football team, everyone assumes it's because he's had too much to drink. But Kaylee knows it's not alcohol she smells on his breath; it's demon's breath. After her recent experiences with demon's breath and the Netherwold, Kaylee's protective instincts take over as she once again ropes Nash into helping her - this time her agenda is to find out who's using, where they're getting demon's breath from, and how to save them, all while keeping them from hurting their girlfriends who just so happen to include her best friend Emma and her cousin Sophie. All this is happening alongside some strange and scary developments in her own abilities.Concluding Sentiments... This is a really fun story, with heartbreaking revelations and unexpected twists. I found myself really invested in what was happening to all the characters and frequently surprised when new explanations presented themselves. Looking forward to the next one!