If I Die (Soul Screamers Series #5)

If I Die - Rachel Vincent For more reviews by Berls go to: Fantasy is More FunMy Initial Reaction... After all the teenage angst of the last book I was a little worried about how the series would continue, but this one did not let me down. The teenage angst mellowed out again and Kaylee is facing much bigger issues than the possibility that her boyfriend's ex might try to steal him away from herThe Narration... I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I'll say it again: Amanda Ronconi really makes this series! She's extremely skilled at capturing each and every character's personality and making it shine through in her narration. The Characters... Kaylee is on an emotional roller coaster in this book, and understandably so. Vincent does a really great job writing Kaylee's reaction to the news that she's going to die. It's perfectly in character with Kaylee, but it also shows her trying to break character a bit; suddenly being so responsible feels pointless and she's trying to figure out what matters most to her and what she wants to experience before she dies. I really connected with Kaylee through this and felt like I was on that roller coaster with her. Nash, Tod, Emma, and Sabine all deal with the news Kaylee will die in varied ways and there are some sad moments, shocking moments, and disturbing moments as a result. Things with Nash get intense; Tod is trying his best to help Kaylee (as the only person she knows who's died and with the right contacts); Emma struggles to cope; and Sabine is Sabine, through and through. Speaking of Sabine: I love her - she's such a marvelously complex and conflicted character - her sarcastic tough exterior hides a soft, sensitive interior that comes through fabulously. The Story... This book starts with Kaylee's discovery that she will die very soon. Being faced with death makes Kaylee reevaluate her life and her decisions. How will she spend her last few days and with whom? Can she escape her death day, again? But she has more to worry about than her own impending demise; her math teacher is an incubus and only she and Sabine are impervious to his charms. Kaylee decides getting rid of him is the best way to distract herself. Plus her best friend Ema may be his next target and Kaylee is determined to go to the grave knowing she's secured the safety of those dearest to her.Concluding Sentiments... This book was surprised me at almost every turn. The first book in the series to really make me gasp out loud and even shed a couple tears. Can't wait for the next one.