River Marked (Mercy Thompson Series #6)

River Marked - Patricia Briggs For more reviews, see: Fantasy is More Fun I think this book is the most confusing of the series so far; I enjoyed it much more the second time I read it, probably because I didn't inhale it in one night and therefore didn't get as confused. Despite greater potential for confusion, this book is worth slowing down and reading carefully, since it explores a side of Mercy that is normally hovering below the surface - her Native American roots. I really enjoyed this chance to explore where Mercy get's her ability and her history; the other books focus so much on the werewolves and the supernatural entities that they interact with that it's easy to forget that Mercy is not necessarily one of a kind. I think it's about time we learned more about where she comes from. I also enjoyed that this book takes place mostly away from the pack - thus allowing us to see Mercy and Adam alone, developing as a couple. Oh and of course, there's a big bad and Mercy (AKA Trouble) finds her way right into the middle. Really great read - just take your time so you can enjoy it!