Gone Wild

Gone Wild - Ever McCormick This review and others by Berls can be found at Fantasy is More Fun I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Actual rating is 3 1/2 starsMy Initial Reaction...This is a character driven novel, which is my favorite kind of novel, but the plot does have some room for growth. I found it to be really enjoyable and I would definitely read another book my Ever McCormick.The Characters...Gone Wild focuses on two pretty great characters, both scared and hiding away from it all to find some inner healing.First of all, I immediately fell in love with Ina. I could relate to her on a very basic level, despite our very different life circumstances. She's reached this huge milestone in her life - college graduation - but her life isn't shaping up the way she planned. Her college boyfriend cheated on her with her roommate, shattering her dreams of them getting married and raising kids. She can't find a job, despite haven been a star pupil. She's feeling defeated, hurt, betrayed, and her pride's been seriously wounded. She's doubting herself and she just needs to get away from everything. I think this is a feeling most people can relate to, and McCormick does a really great job reminding you what it feels like through the way she wrote Ina. But what I love most about Ina is that she's really very strong and she just needs some time to realize that again. Life's given her it's inevitable beating and she just needs a chance to restore her faith in herself - because she doesn't want to compromise what's important to her or what she wants from life.Adam is the "onion" character of Gone Wild. What I mean - Ina is someone that's too difficult to figure out. You've pretty much got her number from the start. But Adam has lots of layers and you're getting to know him layer by layer (just as Ina is, since the story is told from her perspective). In fact, for me, half the story was figuring out exactly who this guy is. So, to avoid spoilers, what I will tell you is that he's the really sexy, all too talented, mysterious landlord of the cabin Ina's rented for the month. He's a great, complex character and I enjoyed getting to know him. Like most male heroes he's a bit too good to be true - I mean, he's a gourmet cook with loads of money and a sensitive side. Come on, really? But I'll let that pass, since that's exactly how I like my fictional men - just unbelievable enough to make me wish they were real.The Story...The basic storyline centers on Ina, a girl who's run away to the mountains to escape a series of embarrassing failures to land a job and the image in her head of her boyfriend in bed with her roommate. She's chosen what seems like the perfect spot, it's secluded and she feels like she can really be alone with her thoughts. Until she starts feeling like someone is watching her. At first she thinks it's the incredibly sexy landlord she's renting from, until she spots someone in her cabin and runs to Adam for protection. Listening to the radio they learn that a convict has escaped; Adam is convinced that a convict wouldn't stick around the mountains; he'd keep fleeing. Ina, on the other hand, can't shake the feeling that they should call the police...I really wish that more of the plot had been devoted to the escaped convict/mysterious person lurking around on the mountain. That's one scary proposition and it's really overshadowed by Ina's professional and romantic problems. I think that hurt the believability of the plot; I love that Ina is learning to be strong and depend on herself, but I think not calling the police  under these circumstances was taking self-dependence a little too far.Concluding Sentiments...I loved watching Ina and Adam get to know each other. There were some great funny moments and some even better romantic moments. This is a book that plays on your emotions in some really great ways and makes you love your characters. Ever McCormick is an author to keep an on!Now available on Amazon for $2.99